About Me

My name is Ralf Pintzka, I am a certified cultural sociologist (BA) and work as a survival- and bushcraft-mentor. Looking back at more than 15 years of experience in the fields of wilderness living, primitive technology and outdoor sport, it is my deepest desire to share my expertise with both beginners and veterans alike, no matter how young or old they might be. My mission is to reunite man with mother nature, offering guidance in becoming more self-reliant, versatile and conscious in wild environments.

This is me, Ralf.

In the past I have launched several expeditions into the Alps, the Irish Highlands, the Bulgarian Stara Planina and many other remote landscapes. On my path I had the pleasure of coaching fellow woodsmen and adventurers about foraging, shelter building, fire making, outdoor navigation, tool crafting and more.

Me during an expedition in the Wicklow Mountains (Ireland)

In 2017 I have been elected chairman of the “Bushcraft Freunde” (i.e. Bushcraft Friends) – Germany’s largest community specialised in wilderness living skills, survival and self-suistainability. Since 2019 I am also teaching children and teenagers at the BBS De Verwondering – a holistic and anthroposophic school emphasizing the development of motoric skills, use of senses and general character development.

Bushcraft Tutor Meeting: Rocco Hartwig, Yannick Dorn, Thomas Rall and me

Thank you for visiting my website – please feel free to check out all the free resources provided on this page and make sure to check out the seminars offered. If you have any questions, please do reach out to me via the contact page.


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